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Handy Wipes

Handy Wipes

Our range of wet wipes are supplied in convenient and easy to use dispensers. Simply thread the wipes through the lids and tear off using the perforations, as designed. Each lid seals tight to keep the wipes extremely moist and ready to use. We provide a collection from Sanitising hand wipes to Telephone/VDU wipes to Graffiti wipes that remove grease, grime, inks and paint from either hands and surfaces.

Packaging: 4 × 1 per case

Product features:

Multi purpose wipes remove grease, grime, inks & paint from hands and surfaces
Ideal for mechanics, printers, plubbers, glaziers etc.
Suitable for cleaning UPVC, plastics, cookers, ink stains and more
150 sheets per tub
sheet size 25 × 28cm